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Public User: Please pray for Angela Dunaway, her father passed away and the services will be held Wednesday 2/15 at your church. I am sorry I do not have the rest of the family names.
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Barb Milburn: thank you for praying for Ralph Frese, Marnita Curry's dad. He is home from the hospital and doing well. thank You
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barb milburn: Please pray for Marnita Curry and her dad Ralph Frese she is driving to Iowa city after learning that he collapsed and was taken to Iowa City Hospital late today. Thank You.
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barb milburn: Thank you for praying for Robert McRae a young man i his 30's.--He died Friday Please pray for his brother Johnny and all of Robert's family.
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barb milbllurn: please pray for Robert Mcrae--early 30's fell from golf cart in Arizona--severe trauma, may die --family traveling by car now to be with him and have asked for prayer.
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Public User: for the families and the illinois state comuninty who lost loved ones on monday in the plane crash in bloomington il
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