Founded in 1856, CAPC is a community of individuals
that come together to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Galesburg Rescue Mission

IMG_20150322_152204_256 (1) On Sunday afternoon, March 22, Pastor Ann Elyse, Lorine, and three youth–Clayton, Caitlyn, and Lauren–piled into Lorine’s car and headed to Galesburg. They were headed to Galesburg Rescue Mission, a ministry which provides meals and housing for men and women in need.

The group was there to volunteer. They helped with dinner preparation. Clayton proved to be a professional with the industrial dishwasher, and Caitlyn and Lauren both showed proficiency in their knife skills. The pair of them sliced up oranges, peppers, ceIMG_20150326_131415lery, and pineapple so that the residents could have a plethora of fresh produce with their meal. The group worked under the careful guidance of Carl, one of the staffers at the Mission.

Pastor Ann Elyse also showed off some culinary skills of her own, mainly with the industrial can opener. After dinner was all prepared, the group spent time getting to know the residents, sharing the meal with them.

IMG_20150326_131329Finally, the evening ended with worship, led by the group. Lorine was very popular as the pianist of the evening. The residents loved singing all their favorite hymns! Overall, the group had a terrific time. They learned a lot about the Galesburg Rescue Mission, and they enjoyed being able to give back to the community by volunteering their time.

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  1. Way to go CAPC Youth!! It’s good to see Pastor AE knows how to use a can opener after 20 years of formal education.
    Truly, though, folks have to have their needs met and know that someone actually cares about them before they can understand God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

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